Sumo Game: Kirinoumi


Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.. Height: 174 cm. Weight: 72 kg. Favourite Food: ginger pork fry (shogayaki). Favourite Drink: grapefruit juice.

Taking my sugar glider in and out of japan - japan-guide.com forum


12 Jan 2020 ... Japan Travel News · 2021 Cherry Blossom Forecast · 3 days of autumn colors, apples and hot springs in Aomori.

Abashiri Travel: Drift Ice (Ryuhyo)


1 May 2020 ... Abashiri Drift Ice (Ryuhyo) · Book your trip · Japan Travel News · Book your trip · ExploreAbashiri · Japan Travel News · Japan Guide Forum: Abashiri: ...

Drift Ice (Ryuhyo) in Japan


23 Aug 2020 ... Located on a similar geographical latitude as Portland (Oregon) and Venice (Italy ), the Sea of Okhotsk coast of Hokkaido is the northern ...

Schauwecker's Japan Travel Blog: Shiretoko Fantasia 2011


11 Feb 2011 ... Located on a geographical latitude comparable to Venice (Italy) or Portland ( Oregon), the peninsula is among the southernmost places on the ...

Use of domo/arigato - japan-guide.com forum


12 Feb 2013 ... Or even "Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu" if you want to express your gratitude. It's such a common mistake to make among many foreigners in ...

Francois' Japan Blog


1 Sep 2011 ... ... to the Shiretoko Peninsula. Located on a geographical longitude comparable to Venice (Italy) or Portland (Oregon)... read all. 2011/02/11 ...

Rural small towns - japan-guide.com forum


4 Jan 2015 ... I will be talking to a friendly acquaintance, Murray Carter, (who I hope to become real friends with) who lives and works in Oregon, after living ...

How do you mail a letter to Japan? - japan-guide.com forum


11 Feb 2011 ... Basically I put the address in japanese and just put in english in big letters '' JAPAN.'' My post office said they just send it in big bulk to Japan and ...

Is Mexican food popular in Japan? - japan-guide.com forum


15 Jan 2005 ... ... thing is that tortillas in Japan come from the US and in particular from Oregon back to the days when Taco Time came to Japan and failed.

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